About Me

I'm Chris Larsen, a software developer with a focus on web and IoT technologies.

My main stack for web development is Ruby on Rails, with VueJS on the front end. My IoT projects are mostly done with Crystal or C. The hardware for my IoT projects is usually Raspberry Pi, but I also work with other platforms.

On this site, you'll find information about current projects that I'm working on, and some of my professional work.

My Open Source Projects

Here's the open source projects that I've created:

Open Source Contributions

Here are some open source projects that I've contributed to:

Freelance Work

Most of my work so far has been internal tools used by non-profits. As such, I can't link to it publicly. However, here's a publicly facing website that I created for an entertainment company that used to operate in Toronto.

Contact Me

If you wish to reach out to me for contract work, or any questions about my projects, please do so through the following means: